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- Dr Sanida Christina – Dr. DESPLAN Matthieu - 


- Dr. SANIDA Christina - 

She graduated with distinction from the ULB Faculty of Medicine in June 1999.

She completed a ULB degree course in Acute Medicine in June 2003.

During the period of her specialisation in respiratory medicine from 1999 to 2004, she continued her hospital practice at CHU Ambroise Paré, CHU Saint Pierre, Hôpital Erasme and Institut Bordet where she started to become interested in thoracic oncology.

In 2004, she was accredited with great distinction as a Specialist in Respiratory medicine at the ULB. The same year she was awarded the GSP (Belgian Respiratory Medicine Scientific Group) prize for her clinical research study entitled:

"6 min walking test and incremental exercise test in patients affected by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with limitation of their expiratory flow".

Since 2004 to the present day she has been working in the Saint Jean Clinic's Respiratory Medicine department, as well as in a private practice at the Cardiopulmonary Medical Investigation Centre in Forest.

2006 was the year that her fascination with apneas and the treatment of sleeping disorders began.

She completed a series of workshops in France on the interpretation of polysomnography and the diagnosis and treatment of sleeping disorders.

She is continuing her clinic research activities in partnership with the Respiratory Medicine Group at CHU Saint Pierre.

It was in 2007 that she decided to join the MEDIMARIEN team whose medical programme is in keeping with her aspirations.

Dr Sanida speaks fluent French, Greek, English and Italian.


She has completed a full university education and has a wide experience in all types of hospital environments, so can cope with a whole range of pulmonary pathologies.

The types of cases she can treat include:

- Chronic obstructive lung diseases,

- Asthma and its allergic component,

- Infectious pulmonary diseases,

- Interstitial and professional lung pathologies,

- Traumatic disorders.

She has a special affinity for thoracic oncology and sleeping disorders such as apnea. She is associated with universitary hospitals for their treatment.

She was also trained in the study of nicotine addiction and can provide the follow-up for patients intending to stop smoking.

During her consultation hours at Medimarien, she has access to the equipment required to undertake a complete functional respiration evaluation involving spirometry, residual volumes measure and diffusion of gas capacity.

Medimarien also has the equipment for detecting sleep apnea and nocturnal snoring.