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- Mr RASSINFOSSE Yves – Mr MORAINE Reginald – 




After the masters in Physiotherapy at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Mr. Rassinfosse obtained a diploma in Osteopathy in 1986. He practices rational osteopathy respecting tradition, but with a scientific contribution too.

His training, but especially his years of experience, mainly leads him to the field of movement equipment, yet with integration of the mutual consequences for soft tissues.

Osteopathy is aimed at functional problems of the person, aimed at the prevention of the break through of the pathology.

The osteopath uses an arsenal of specific techniques, in cooperation with all diagnostic sources of modern medical science.




- Mr. MORAINE Réginald -

He completed his Bachelor's Degree in physiotherapy at the ISCAM avec with cum laude status in 2004.

He first of all continued his training in chest physiotherapy for 12 months, from 2004 to 2005, at C.H. Loos, the Supportive Care and Pulmonary Rehabilitation department.

In order to become fully involved in physiotherapy consultations, his new activity, he spent 12 months, from 2005 to September 2006, working in a physiotherapy centre in Martinique, where he was responsible for intensive consultations, morning, afternoon and evening, six days a week, as well as home consultations.


In the light of this experience he finished studying osteopathy at the Belgian Osteopathy College (CBO) since 2010.

Perfectly trilingual (French, Dutch and English) he also has a good knowledge of Spanish.