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Ear Nose Throat

Ear Nose Throat


- Dr WIENER Valérie - 



The trilingual French, English, Dutch) doctor Wiener completed her university training in various Brussels public hospitals, where she learned to cope with all kinds of ENT situations.

She perfected her training by specialising in cosmetic rhinology.

During her consultation hours she has leading-edge latest generation diagnosis support equipment at her disposal.











Her services comprise:


- otologic check-ups for hearing loss,

- for tinnitus,

- for sound hypersensitivity,

- or speech development disorders.

Vestibular diseases

- balance and vertigo check-ups

For more in-depth investigations she is associated with the Cliniques Universitaires St Luc.



- allergy check-ups,

- nasal permeability tests,

- sinus investigations

- olfactory tests,

- laryngeal and cervical check-ups.

As a result of the snoring or sleep apnea investigations, her ENT check-ups can be used to steer a patient in the direction of the right treatment. The care includes hygiene and postural and laryngeal physiotherapy measures, plus surgery, if appropriate.

Should a laryngeal mask (CPAP) be required for the night, she works in cooperation with Dr Sanida and Dr. Desplan , Two Medimarien respirologists.

Apart from her ENT activities, Doctor Wiener specialises in functional ENT disorders:

problems to do with balance, deglutition, tinnitus, pain

She performs her surgical operations at Parc Léopold hospital.